Laser cutting

Mapalu - Laser

Our company has a Bystronic BySprint laser cutting device that allows you to cut elements of the desired shapes from sheet metal.

The details are made with the highest quality. The main advantages of our method include:

  • High cutting precision

  • Getting any shape

  • Making holes with small diameters

  • Engraving

During laser cutting, we use sheets made of materials such as: carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, brass.

We process orders using the material available in our warehouse or provided by the customer. If you are interested in the laser cutting service, please contact us! A paper or electronic drawing (CAD) are enough to prepare a quote. We choose the delivery time for the clients’ individual needs.

MaterialMax. Sheet thickness
Carbon steel12mm*
Stainless steel8mm
Galvanized steel8mm

In order to process orders for thickness larger than that given in the table above, please contact us
to agree on the requested parameters.

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